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Core Aearation

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The Guys

Aaron Eades and Kevin Pollock are industry leaders in the region with pest control services and turf installation / landscaping services. Together, they utilize their expertise and experience to bring to the region a grass maintenance company. We here at Green Grass Guys are excited to provide premium service and knowledge to your lawn with exceptional customer service and dedication so your grass gets the care it needs.

Industry Leading Equipment



Harnessing the power of the Z-Spray machine, we are able to treat lawns with both liquid and granular products at an efficient and safe rate.

Ryan Core Aerator

This core aeration machine is one of the industry leaders for removing core plugs of soil from your lawn ensuring proper soil health.

Ryan Slit Seeder

The Ryan Slit Seeder is a state of the art seeding machine we utilize to insert seed directly into the soil through a slit it creates providing extremely efficient seed germination.

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