It’s a common misconception that all grass is pretty much the same. People often seed and fertilize their lawns without much thought about which types of products they’re using. As a result, they get a mixture of grasses, or their lawns are not as beautiful as they could be. As your Cape Girardeau lawn service professionals, we would like to offer you some helpful advice.

Cool Season Vs. Warm Season Turfgrass

First and foremost, you will need to know what type of grass you have. This is confusing for a lot of homeowners, but it really doesn’t need to be. Ask yourself this – did your lawn turn brown this winter? If it did, you have cool season turfgrass. If it didn’t, then you have warm season turfgrass.

Types of Fertilizer and Seeds

When you shop for seeds and fertilizer, you will want to read the package carefully. Make sure you’re buying the right kind for the type of lawn that you have. If your grass is cool season, you won’t want to seed or fertilize it until closer to the fall. Doing so now could leave your lawn prone to serious problems, such as disease.

Sometimes it’s easier to rely on a Cape Girardeau lawn service to take care of your lawn, and that is exactly what Green Grass Guys are here for! We can help you with all kinds of services, including overseeding, core aeration, and so much more. Please contact us today to get your free quote.