Weed Control

Weeds fight with lawn grasses for water, space, light and nutrients. They are exceptionally forceful and can, without much effort, assume control over your yard if not kept at bay. Secure your worries with our weed control program, which will help wipe out unattractive weeds and keep your lawn healthy and growing bright.

How Does Weed Control Help?

Weed control – combined with regular fertilization, proper mowing and correct watering practices – will keep your grass thriving while weeds disappear.

Weed control products used by Green Grass Guys are tested and registered by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and are applied by licensed, trained professionals, and to improve performance, keep children and pets off the lawn until it is dry.

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How We Perform Our Services

Weeds are a constant battle in Southeast Missouri. Our climate gets a pretty steady dose of all four seasons but carries with it extreme humidity in the growing season.

All of these factors involved provide the perfect environment for weeds to thrive. Depending on your grass type, soil health and various other factors we utilize products that will eliminate the weeds on your property. Nutsedge is a weed in this region that is relentless and demands certain products to keep them at bay.

We eliminate nutsedge and all of the other difficult weeds that try to take of your lawn as part of your lawn program we will design for you.

When Do I Need Help?

Identify some of the most common Southeast Missouri weeds: Bindweed, chicory, creeping bellflower, dandelion, ground ivy, mouseear chickweed, plantain, thistle, violets, and white clover.



Weed Control

Our state of the art Z-Spray unit allows us to apply liquid and granulated herbicides with unmatched precision. This allows us to apply exactly what you need, where you need it, with no worries of over-spray.

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