There is so much that goes into taking care of your lawn. You want to make sure everything is just right, and perhaps you’ve even thought about consulting Cape Girardeau lawn services. One of the questions we get all the time here at Green Grass Guys is in reference to earthworms. Are they good? Are they bad? We’re here to answer these questions for you.

Earthworms: Yay or Nay?

A plentiful supply of earthworms in your lawn actually speaks to the health of your soil. They are part of the reason why it looks so good because they aid in soil fertility as well as with aeration.

As they feed on the soil, it passes through their digestive tracts and it picks up enzymes that are really good for your lawn. When you see earthworms on the surface, they are excreting nutrients in the form of casts, which help with plant nutrition.

Maintaining Your Earthworm Population

Keeping your lawn healthy means making sure you don’t do anything to harm the earthworm population in your soil. That can be tricky if you’re trying to do everything you can to keep it looking nice all year.

But that’s why so many homeowners rely on Cape Girardeau lawn services from Green Grass Guys. We know how important earthworms are for your lawn. The last thing we want to do is to hurt that population in any way. We’re careful to use methods that are safe for them. Contact us to learn more!