Missouri is a beautiful state, and you want a beautiful lawn to match. Perhaps you’ve tried everything to get the grass you’ve always wanted, short of calling Cape Girardeau lawn services. It really isn’t hard to change the look of your lawn, as long as you learn a little bit more about turfgrass. The University of Missouri has offered some helpful tips.

Top Tips for Turfgrass in Missouri

According to some of the best lawn service specialists, choosing the type of grass you grow is the key. There are so many different factors that come into play when you make your decision. You should:

– Consider the lawn’s history. Does it presently have or has it ever had any pest control problems?

– Find out if the lawn has or has ever had diseases.

– Determine what type of grass grows best in the region you’re in.

Unfortunately, there are many variables when it comes to choosing grass seeds. But good quality lawns are resistant to disease, have a good color, and have high density. Still, our climate plays a major role.

Choosing Cape Girardeau Lawn Services

Missouri is located in the transition zone, which means that neither warm nor cool season grass is fully adapted here. All the more reason to talk with professionals about the type of grass seed you should be using. You will really appreciate our expertise.

At Green Grass Guys, we’re determined to help you find exactly what you need. Please contact us for Cape Girardeau Lawn Services.