Spring is just around the corner, which means that your lawn is going to start growing again. Now is the time to be proactive if you want it to look its best this year. At Green Grass Guys, it's a pleasure for us to be able to offer Cape Girardeau lawn service, and we want to offer you some tips that can help you make sure your grass is beautiful. 

Tips for a Beautiful Lawn

There's so much that you can do to cultivate a lush, green lawn this spring. For instance: 

– Properly prepare your lawn. This means getting rid of any fallen branches, leaves or debris. 

– Prepare your equipment. Make sure your lawnmower is up to the job and replace it if you need to. 

– Add seeds if necessary. If you know you have some patches where no grass grows, or there are only weeds there, seeding is needed. 

– Add fertilizer. It's really important to fertilize your lawn correctly, and at the right time of year. This will make the grass healthy, strong and beautiful. 

– Mow early. Don't put off mowing for the first time. It's important to do it early because waiting can cause you problems later on. 

Your Cape Girardeau Lawn Service Professionals Are Here to Help

Maybe you feel like you have a black thumb when it comes to your lawn. Or perhaps you don't have the time to take care of it correctly. We can help. Contact us for a free quote!