As a homeowner in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, the way your property looks is important to you. That doesn’t stop just because winter is here. While there are a lot of things you can do to keep your grass beautiful in the spring and summer, there are also some things you can do during the winter as well.

December Tips for a Greener Lawn

There’s a lot you can do for your lawn during the month of December to keep it looking beautiful year-round. For example:

• Avoid using nitrogen fertilization products. They may make your lawn look nice in the short-term, but they can actually be harmful in the long run. These products are best when used in the fall.

• Avoid liming your lawn when the weather is cold. It’s best to do this in the early spring before you plant seeds.

Aerate the lawn when you can. This will allow more air for grass roots, and you’ll be happy you did it in the spring.

• Make sure the lawn is cleaned up. This means removing leaves, toys and any other debris that might get left there.

Are You Considering Hiring Lawn Care Professionals?

There’s a lot to know when it comes to taking care of your lawn. That’s why it’s best to rely on help from our professionals who know exactly what your lawn needs, all year long.

The Green Grass Guys can help you if you live in the Cape Girardeau, Missouri area. Contact us right away!