As a homeowner, keeping your lawn looking great is definitely a priority for you. Part of that is making sure you use fertilizer on the right schedule. But it can be a real challenge to figure out what you should be looking for. It’s best to consult professionals in Cape Girardeau lawn service. \

At Green Grass Guys, we can help you make sense of your lawn fertilizer.

The Numbers on the Fertilizer Bag

A lot of fertilizers have numbers such as 10-10-10 printed across the top. From left to right, these numbers mean:

– Available nitrogen

– Available potash

– Available phosphate

To calculate how much of each nutrient is in the bag, all you need to do is multiply the numbers by the bag size (e.g. 10% times 50-pounds). That means that in this particular bag of fertilizer, there are 5 pounds of each nutrient in the bag.

How do You Choose the Right Fertilizer?

When you shop for lawn fertilizer, one of the first things you’ll notice is that you have a lot of choices. How do you know which type is the best for your lawn? Unfortunately, you don’t. That is, unless you have your lawn tested. Once you do that, you will find out exactly what you need.

Another Reason to Choose Cape Girardeau Lawn Service

At Green Grass Guys, fertilizing lawns is one of our services. We can help you understand just what your lawn needs to be healthy and beautiful. Contact us for a free quote!