It stands to reason that the deeper the roots that your grass has, the more healthy your lawn will be. So many homeowners struggle with their lawns because the roots just don’t grow very deep. It’s a real problem, but it’s not one that can’t be solved. If you’ve been searching for Cape Girardeau lawn service to find a solution for this issue, we can help.

The Best Fertilizer Nutrients for Roots

Deeper, healthier roots are a direct result of using fertilizer that has enough phosphorus and potassium. These nutrients do two very important jobs. They encourage the growth of new roots and they also strengthen the ones that are already there. Fertilizers with high amounts of both should be used during the growing season.

How to Identify the Best Fertilizer

When you are purchasing fertilizer in the store, you’ll want to look for the series of three numbers on the top of the bag. Those three numbers will tell you how much of each nutrient are included. The second number stands for phosphorus and the last number stands for potassium.

Working With Cape Girardeau Lawn Service Professionals

If you’re like most people, you would rather leave fertilizing your lawn to the professionals. At Green Grass Guys, we can provide you with all the services that you’ll need.

A healthy and beautiful lawn takes a lot of work. We want you to be proud of your home, and we’re happy to help. For a free quote, please contact us!