Every homeowner wants to have a beautiful house, and that means also having a beautiful lawn. But it’s often not as easy as spreading grass seed and making sure the lawn is watered well. There are many other things you need to do to make sure your lawn is as lush and green as possible.

Here at Green Grass Guys, we offer full service for your lawn’s needs, including grass liming. Here’s some information on this topic.

What is Liming?

Liming refers to the process of adding lime to your grass. It can reduce the number of weeds you have, and it can also help new grass grow beautifully. If you have patchy areas in your lawn, you probably need to have it limed.

There are two types of lime you can use for your lawn: dolomite and agricultural. Both of them contain calcium, and dolomite also has magnesium. These are two important elements to help keep your soil healthy.

How Does Liming Work?

Problems can arise with your lawn if the soil is too acidic. A lot of people don’t know how to correct this problem, and that is what liming is for. It works by raising the pH level of the soil, which helps plant roots to get the nutrients they need.

At Green Grass Guys, we want nothing more than for you to have a beautiful lawn all year round. We offer all the services you need to make it happen. Please contact us to learn more.