A lot of Missouri homeowners are completely in the dark about what their lawn needs to stay green and beautiful. In fact, they often just hope for the best once spring rolls around. If that’s always been you, there are ways you can ensure your lawn is gorgeous this year, and here at Green Grass Guys, it’s our pleasure to help you out with soil testing.

Why Should You Test Your Soil?

Your lawn’s grass has a lot to do with the quality of the soil it grows in. If the soil is unbalanced in any way, your grass won’t be as green and beautiful as it could be. You should test your soil every three years if you want a beautiful lawn, or every year if you believe the pH is off.

What’s the Best Way to Test Soil in Missouri?

You can find soil testing boxes through your local MU extension center at no cost to you. Once you have your box, take the following steps:

– Get a small shovel and dig down about four inches to get your sample.

– Take 12 or more random samples from different areas of the lawn for testing.

– Place your samples in a clean plastic bucket and remove any plant material before placing it in the box.

– Fill out the Horticulture Soil Sample Information Form and send it into the lab for testing.

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